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Baby teeth start to erupt through the gums between six and nine months of age.
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Young children can lose primary (baby) teeth and even immature permanent teeth when the pulp, the living tissue inside a tooth, becomes infected.
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Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important for overall health at any age, the teenage years being no exception.
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This website provides information for health care professionals, the oral health of children and adults with special needs and disabilities.
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Early Childhood Cavity

Cavity which occurs from one year to six years of kids life. Which involves multiple milk teeth. which often looks like teeth stains in young children. The major reason is due to prolonged breast feeding that means feeding after one years of the age of the child. and the another major reason is also use of bottle feeding etc.

Fillings in Milk Teeth

Fillings in milk teeth is done when cavity has not gone deep down and infecting the nerve of tooth. Even fracture of front tooth in children and teenagers due to accident or injury and broken tooth due to any other reasons can be treated like how they were before with right type of filling.

Space Maintainer

A space maintainer is placed following early loss/extraction of milk molars. It is a fixed appliance which is place on the neighbouring tooth of the tooth which has been removed due to excessive infection and damage. It maintains the space which was previously occupied by the tooth so that when permanent tooth will erupt it will erupt in right position.

Caps in Milk Tooth

Badly damaged milk back tooth requires additional support like the tooth with large cavity or a broken tooth. It is also strongly recommended in all the milk teeth which undergo root canal treatment.

Dr. Vinay

We are proud to have the opportunity to give you the smile of your dreams

The chief paediatric dental surgeon at Teddy Teeth First Exclusive Paediatrics Dental Clinic, Dr. Vinay is a pioneer of exclusive dental clinic for children and teenagers in Vadodara by opening the First ever Pediatric Dental Hospital of Vadodara. Having completing his masters in Pediatric Dental Surgery Dr. Vinay has the distinctive merit of treating more than 6000 smiles in his practice.

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